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Culvert looking south

Culvert looking south

Culverts in median looking north

East culvert in median

Median looking south

Northbound I-89

Southbound I-89

Median cofferdam sheets exposed. December 2016

Median Portal, southbound

Median Portal, northbound

Median Portal, two sides

Crane is in place to begin installing metal sheeting for northbound portal.

Old culvert, northbound

Portal, northbound

Mini-excavator in breached portal

First light at the end of Georgia’s Southbound tunnel


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Culvert looking south

Slow down for your safety and the workers too!

Culvert looking south

Lane shift in So Burlington

Four culverts will be replaced.
Two (63N, 63S) are located just north of the whales tails. Another set (64N, 64S) are located about one mile north, nearer to Exit 13.

Culvert looking south

Excavation for Culvert 63N

Culvert looking south

Three sides of Culvert 63 installed

Culvert looking south

Culvert 63N

Culvert looking south

Metal sheeting at Culvert 64N will provide stability for culvert installation

Existing Culvert 64N to be replaced

Culvert waterproofing membrane & sealant

Interior of Culvert 63N mimics streambed conditions

Forming rock & sandy bottom of Culvert 64N