ABOUT THE PROJECT: South Burlington

The I-89 Culvert Replacement project in South Burlington consists of the replacement of four culverts (2 pairs of culverts).  The culverts being replaced are:

These two pairs of existing drainage culverts are located about a mile apart and pass under Interstate 89 between Exits 12 and 13. They will be replaced with new precast concrete box culverts. The existing culverts will remain in place and operational until the new culverts are installed. Once the new culverts are installed, the old culverts will be abandoned and backfilled.

I-89 diversion into median area keeps traffic moving

The project has been designed to minimize disruption to the traveling public. A two-lane diversion will be constructed within the I-89 median in South Burlington to continuously maintain traffic flow during construction. Temporary roadways in the northbound direction will first be constructed simultaneously at both culvert locations to allow work to be performed within the existing northbound roadway.

Once both precast concrete box culverts have been installed, the existing I-89 northbound travel lanes will be reopened and use of the temporary roadway will end. The process will then be repeated for the southbound direction. The temporary roadways will be designed for a 65 mph travel speed although the work zone will be posted for a 55 mph speed limit. “Smart work zone” technologies are being used to help monitor traffic operations in the work zone and also to aid in rapid response to incidents in the work zone, should any occur.

Old pipe culvert next to new box culvert under I-89 Northbound near Exit 13 in So Burlington

The roadways affected by this project are limited to I-89. Specific traffic restrictions may occur at night (8 PM to 6 AM) to allow construction of detour lanes, temporary extension of the existing culvert, construction access to the work zone, and during final paving through the work zone.

Construction on this project began in the spring of 2017. Construction of the culverts was completed in late fall. Final grading, landscaping and paving will be done in spring 2018.  The project is expected to be complete by the end of May 2018. See Schedule and Calendar for more information.